Point of No Return 1993

Point of No Return (1993) เธอชื่อ..โคตรเพชฌฆาต

Point of No Return In Washington, D.C., Maggie Hayward, a drug addict, was convicted of killing a policeman during a shooting robbery. The woman is now executed by lethal injection. Her demise is faked and an agent known as Bob tells her she is required to join his ranks. Maggie, having little choice, decides to help and begins an intense training program which includes not just martial art and firearms instruction as well as the art of etiquette and computer usage.

Senior Operative Amanda transforms into a refined, beautiful woman. Bob takes her out on dinner dates and informs her of her first job, which is to assassinate a VIP who was eating at the same place. Maggie kills the VIP’s bodyguard as well as his and is then pursued by a team of the VIP’s bodyguards. Maggie shoots several bodyguards and then escapes from the kitchen by jumping into a chute for laundry. This was her last test and she has now completed her training. Point of No Return HD

The next day, she leaves for Venice in California and establishes an affair with J.P., her apartment manager. While her first assignments and both jobs that are a hit are ultimately productive, Maggie quickly comes to hate her work and tries to leave her job as a professional killer. She seeks help to quit the agency while she as well as J.P. are battling with their double lives. Bob declines her request however, he does agree to take her out of the agency if the next task is accomplished.

Fahd Bakhtiar works as an Iranian trader dealing in nuclear arms. The job requires Angela to pretend that she’s Angela. J.P. continues complaining about her mysterious friends while she gets ready to begin her new job. She mocks the fake background Bob supplied for Maggie.

Taking out Angela can be a problem and result in the deaths of her two bodyguards, as well as injuries to Maggie’s friend, Beth. Director Kaufman will then call the in Victor, who is a “cleaner” to get rid of the bodies and save the mission. Unknown to Maggie the director, he’s been ordered to murder both agents because one failure results in the death of one. He transports Beth to the house of Fahd after killing Beth. She steals Fahd’s computer and exposes his secrets. Fahd escapes and is forced to flee.

As they purportedly drive back to her residence, Maggie sees a gun in Victor’s waistband and correctly suspects that he is going to murder her. The incident leads to a confrontation and the car’s spin is out of control. The end result is that Victor is dragged over the ravine, and is killed. Maggie returns to her home however, she leaves in the night. Bob discovers of Maggie’s disappearance through J.P. As Bob is going to leave, he spots Maggie watching him through the fog. Instead of contacting her, he calls Kaufman informing him the cleaner is dead, and after some hesitation, he informs Kaufman that Maggie is dead also.

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