What is Streaming Media?

What is Streaming ดูหนังออนไลน์ ?

Streaming media is the transfer of multimedia content at a constant rate that has no or little intermediate storage within elements of the network. It may be a type of video, audio, or any other form of media. It is usually used in the field of telecommunications where fast connections are required. Streaming does not just concern the distribution, but regarding the content.

Streaming media may be fast-forward to a pause, then reversed no loss of quality. Order data received and sent is irrelevant, unlike traditional downloads. The content is transferred and received depending on to the bandwidth and speed in the networks. Streaming Media’s popularity exploded in the 1990s when technology advancements enhanced network speed and bandwidth.

The term “streaming media” refers to streaming video and audio that may be transmitted via the Internet. It is possible to play either video or audio, and you can access it once the file is received by the server. The streaming media is either downloadable or live stream. You can play it on any device capable of streaming media, including a smartphone or a computer.

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